Early-Learning Community at MoCA Westport


Offered to toddlers and their parent/caregiver on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10-11:30a (6 Week Sessions Available)

  • Jan.9,11,18,23,25,30 
  • Feb/March 2/6,8,13,15,27, 3/1
  • March 6, 8,13,15,27,29
  • April 3,5,17,19,24,26
  • May 1,3,8,10,15,17

The Early-Learning Community at MoCA Westport introduces children to independence in a classroom setting through the gradual ‘gentle separation’ process which eases transitions and calms separation anxiety.

While engaged in the curriculum, children will have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in developmentally appropriate activities that spark creativity, stimulate brain development, build dexterity, engage with their peers through productive play, music and art exploration, and be introduced to emergent literacy and mathematical concepts.

The goal for our Early-Learning Community at MoCA Westport is for participants to independently enjoy the duration of each class, build stamina, trust and be prepared to transition to successfully engage in future drop-off experiences.

Depending on the individual needs of each child, the first few sessions may require the parent/caregiver to stay with the participant. As the sessions progress and implementation of the ‘gentle separation’ process continues; the time required for the parent/caregiver to be with their toddler in the classroom will gradually reduce. While on-site yet outside of the classroom, parents/caregivers are welcome to relax with a cup of coffee, or have time to do some work in our visitors lounge. Parents/caregivers would be asked to stay on-site to change a diaper or escort their child to use the restroom if the participant is not potty trained or in the midst of potty training.

The Early-Learning Community at MoCA Westport is now open for enrollment – we look forward to welcoming your toddler! 

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