Junior Illustration: Animals and Dreamscapes

Get a crash course in Dreamscape Arts and Surrealism, and design your own fantastical world and animals. Students will practice the art of dreamworld design and explore the meaning of various basic imagery in artwork.

Day: Tuesday
Date: December 3 – February 4
Time: 5PM – 6PM
Age: Grades 1 – 4
Cost: $300

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Cloth & Pattern: Indigo Dye

A week-long camp in which students will learn the indigo dyeing process and tie dye their own fabrics from home. Dye materials and tools will be provided in class.

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Winter 2020

Fashion Illustration and Sneaker Design

Learn about today’s most influential contemporary designers, and begin your fashion career with a design notebook and style lessons. Students will have the ability to focus on their favorite areas of fashion design, and build a starting portfolio.

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Resin Casting Camp

Learn how to cast resin molds, including jewelry, cups, and action figures in this 3-day after-school workshop! Students are encouraged to bring in small items or images to include in their models and molds.

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Visual Storytelling

erfect your pencil illustration techniques in monochrome and technicolor, and learn to make your images POP!

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