February Break 2020

Unleash Your Inventor: Regenerate, Renew, and Reinvent

February Break is for stretching your legs, and your creative brains too! We’ll put our students up to the challenge with many arts-based STEAM activities involving changing, altering, and reusing a variety of found and sourced materials. Students will learn how to look at their work differently, to change a work from 1 dimension into 3, to alter the shape and appearance of their work, and to make their 3D art structures sturdy. Activities will include sculpture, resin and amber casting, abstract portrait collage, balloon sculptures and functional model boat design. Please provide a snack and a brown bag meal for our art movie lunch break.

Monday 2/17: Take Shape
Use 1 dimensional materials such as paper, leaves, transparencies and fabric to layer and build 3 dimensional forms. Students will explore the art of repetition in telling a story through their art as they build their physical art pieces.

Tuesday 2/18: FreezeFrame
Preserve a memory and design mini art pieces in amber colored resin. Optional items will include small found items from home (gumball machine toys, jax, watch or gear pieces, small flowers). Dried flowers, miniature shells, herbs, and small toys will be available for selection as well.

Wednesday 2/19: Driven-to-Abstraction
Students will work from printed and mounted phone self-portraits, and continue to alter and abstract their photo images with paint, wax, collages paper, and other mixed media materials to produce a truly one-of-a-kind artist’s portrait. The sky’s the limit for imagination!

Thursday 2/20: DOUBLE-BUBBLE
Students will draw a design of a bubble-based structure before building individual sculptural forms out of balloons, and casting them in instant-drying papier-maché. Options include bowls, animals, or fully abstracted forms. Works will be fully realized with gouache paint.

Friday 2/21: CrashBox Boat
Students will enjoy an elementary lesson in making sure your art can withstand the elements! Each student will design and build a basic toy boat with the goals that it must not retain water, it must float, and it must be able to withstand mocked weather conditions. At the culmination of the class, boats will be tested in shallow pools of water, and awards will be given in design, speed, durability, and creativity. An on-site maritime sailor and builder will be available for students to consult and to assist in judging.

Days: Monday – Friday
: February 17 – 21, 2020
Time: 9:30AM – 4PM
Age: Grades K – 6
Cost: $135 per day / $600 per week

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