The Piglet Mindset Family Day Event

Join us for a special event with Piglet, and Melissa Shapiro, DVM, author and co-creator of The Piglet Mindset.

Piglet is a blind deaf pink puppy who serves as the inspiration behind the global movement for acceptance, inclusion, empathy and kindness. Meet Melissa as she shares Piglet’s story and talks about her new children’s book, Piglet Comes Home.

Other elements of the day’s event include:

  • Inspired healing art activity led by MoCA Westport teachers
  • Mural painting project with Norwalk artist 5iveFingaz
  • Live music by local favorite Dustin Lowman
  • Visit from the College Creamery ice cream truck
  • Meet and greet with some dogs from Westport Animal Shelter Advocates (WASA) looking for their forever homes.
  • Homemade doggy treat give-aways from Earth Animal

More About Piglet

​​Piglet is a deaf blind pink puppy who was rescued from a hoarding situation in Georgia. He traveled to Connecticut from Georgia in early 2017 because his special need for individualized attention was more than the rescue group was able to provide. Melissa Shapiro, a local Westport veterinarian, was planning on fostering Piglet until he found his forever home. As it turned out, his foster home was his forever home and he was adopted by Melissa and her family. After months of screaming and severe separation anxiety, Piglet finally settled into a routine. He has learned how to face his challenges with a positive attitude despite his limitations. He optimizes his senses of smell, touch, taste, and love, to engage and be part of his family, his environment, and his happy life. This enthusiastic approach to his life inspired The Piglet Mindset, which is:


  • Facing challenges with a positive attitude.
  • Focusing on what you have and moving past what you don’t. 
  • Accepting individuals for who they are and including them despite their differences.
  • Having empathy and understanding towards others and following up with positive actions.
  • Being kind to all people and animals.

Thank you to our Sponsors

Event Sponsors:

Wendy & Jacques Bouthillier


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