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Helmut Lang: 41.1595° N, 73.3882° W, curated by Todd von Ammon

On view July 8th through September 12th

This exhibition is now closed.  Our gallery will reopen with our Fall Exhibition, World Peace, on October 8, 2020.

MoCA Westport is pleased to present an exhibition of works by Helmut Lang, curated by Todd von Ammon, on view to the public through September 12, 2020. The exhibition spans both galleries of the museum and consists of two separate projects, demonstrating the continued evolution of Lang’s contributions to culture and art.

The first gallery hosts a self-contained exhibition of all-white wall-reliefs and sculptures. These wall-mounted planes, pillars and spikes are embedded within a practice defined by ruin, accretion and preservation of materials which typically takes on the charred and blackened complexions of decay. The planes—whose pale tones allude to bones and ashes—hang abutted to one another like altarpiece panels, and the mounds and spikes resemble an abstracted reliquary. This mise-en-scene is a striking corollary to the brunt of Lang’s exhibitions to date.

The second gallery contains a site-specific configuration of sixty-three of Lang’s celebrated “pillar” sculptures, which share a common medium: a multitude of shredded and crushed objects and materials suspended in pigmented resin. This loamy, fibrous sculptural composite material consists of Lang’s destroyed design archive. Leaving a previous career behind, the artist staged an intentional cataclysm and has been making new work from its wreckage ever since. The lean, crusted pillars arranged in a loose grid stand freely in seeming precarity, with small gaps between one another through which the viewer may travel. This second installation, while aggressively economical in its content, provides an immersion into Lang’s ocean of material language.

Lang’s work is a disavowal of the illusion of time as periodic, tidy and rational. The sculptures on view portray history as entropic and digestive, a suggestion that the truest character of forms is their tendency to dissolve and transform through time.

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We have released a new short film that showcases our current exhibition, Helmut Lang: 41.1595° N, 73.3882° W, curated by Todd von Ammon. The film presents a first-person experience of walking through the exhibition, and provides background on Lang’s inspiration for the works.

“It suggests that perhaps the greatest reward of lived time is its potential to be forged into something new.”

*Filmed by Douglas Tirola and 4th Row Films, Music by Peter Kruder, Artwork by Helmut Lang / courtesy of Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

Helmut Lang in his Long Island studio.


One needn’t be a dedicated follower of fashion to have memories of Lang, one of the most forward-thinking designers to ever work in the industry. Lang became a household name in the 1990s and was known for his minimal yet romantic aesthetic and  collaborations with Jenny Holzer, Louise Bourgeois and the estate of Robert Mapplethorpe. Lang said goodbye to all that in 2005. And if there was any doubt that he meant it, in 2010, after a fire destroyed most of his archive, he completed the job, using the remains as material for his mostly abstract art.

                                    -Vogue Magazine

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Special thanks to von ammon co., Sperone Westwater Gallery and the artist, who have generously loaned the pieces for this exhibition.

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