Hindsight is 2020 | High School Art Exhibition | MoCA Westport

Hindsight Is 2020

On view January 23 - March 13, 2021

The Hindsight is 2020 High School Student Art Exhibition features submissions created during the year 2020, illustrating a diverse portrait of what young people experienced during these challenging and unique times.

The exhibition features close to 200 entries from across Connecticut and New York, including painting, photography, digital art, drawings, sculpture, and more. View our online gallery below. 

Jurists for the exhibition include Paul Efstathiou, Director of Contemporary Art at Hollis Taggart Gallery; Amy Kaplan, a Westport-based artist and RTM member; and Tessa Moore, Vice President of MoCA Westport’s 2020-2021 Teen Council and a Staples High School junior.

The exhibition also includes a mural created by our Teen Council and the World’s Largest Abstract Painting (created by community members at our Family Event in October 2020). 

Please note: MoCA Westport members receive free unlimited admission. See our Visit page for Non-Member admission fees, paid upon arrival. 

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Exclusively made for MoCA Westport's High School Exhibition

Art Exhibition Winners

View the winning art pieces

View Online Gallery


Get Your Hindsight is 2020 T-shirt

Hindsight is 2020 t-shirts are now available, exclusively made for MoCA Westport’s High School Exhibition, featuring almost 200 works of art from students throughout Connecticut and New York. Each participant’s name is listed on the back. 

hindsight is 2020 t-shirt
hindsight is 2020 t-shirt

High School Exhibition Winners

1st Place

Abigail Nima


2nd Place

Gwendolyn Toll

"Walls of Liberty and Limitation"

3rd Place

Moli Ma

"Bright Future"

Honorable Mention

Tyler Friedman

"Lighting The Way"

Catherine Xie

"Koi Banners"

Kara Mitchell


Gabriela Majewska

"White Roses"

Caelah Kennedy


Hannah Beebe

"Lighting The Way"

Miles Kennedy
Sami Siegel


Molly O'Neill
"The Optimist"

View Exhibit

Learning to Walk Again

Emily Lopez

Vision of Hearts

Kylie Finkelstein

Portrait of a Woman in Purple

Emma Lusignan

Brawn and Blood

Ben Young

Adrift Reality

Madison Ballentine

Eggs and Drapery I

Abigail E. Wixom

Hey There!

Michael Roca

Breathe and Exhale

Marina Classen


Katherine Guzman


Rachel Coplan

Escapism to the Vanishing Point

Iris Liang

Gnome Home

Cameron O'Carroll

Jar of Joy

Molly Emmens

Serenity Brings Hope

Anabelle Rosemberg

A Fire Lit

Megan Yang

Pineapple Face

Jaz-Myne Wilson-Smith

The Three Friends

Gissel Gomez

Koi Fish Pond

Jennifer Sanchez

Before and After

Jonathon Pereira

Above The Tip

Harrison Gordon

Up Next...

Alexander Dempster


T.J. Collins


Greta Hoffmeister


Rachel Bacon

Chadwick Boseman

Stephanie Wills


Fanglin Yuan

The Light of 2020

Lucy Chandler


Diana Leon Cervantes


Griffin Ellis

My Cat Mipha

Jessica Schweizer

Mother and Child

Michelangelo Jiseok Gherardi

Rani of Sonagazi

Ripa Das

Lost Identity

Zahida Kolenovic

Framed Features

Madison Gordon

Painted Movement

Lillian Gasser


Ella Hopfner

Flemish Beauty

Kate Anderson

An Attempt to Piece Everything Together

Ivana Nique


Dina Lacugna


Joseph Cartolano

Lost in the Abyss

Charlotte Saunders

Lighting The Way

Tyler Friedman

Over the Moon

Ben Blau


Augustus Cai


Sabine Chai

In The Shadow of Your Free Speech (Compo Beach)

Gabriel E Marous

Floating Forms

Rebecka Grunberg

Illusion of Outdoors

Polina Dushenkovska

My True Self Is Now Unfamiliar

Alyssa Lopez


Ashley Clark

Fall Tree

Alex Goldman

Portrait of a Woman in Purple

Jahon Boothe

United We Stand

Makaila Hinds


Ian Chow

Longing the Past

Anna Schwartz

Red Shed

Kaitlyn Feighery

Welcome to the Night City

Linhao Jiang

Rural Architecture within Modern Society

Alex Aravides

Field of Flowers

Alyssa Ferrucci

Dreamscapes on the Wall

Madison Glotzer

Nude in Multicolor

Lilly Weisz

תיקון עולם

Rachel P. Greenberg


Sapphire Panton

The Grey House

Jillian Thurston

Behind the Suffering

Stephany Melgar-Montoya

Martha's Summer

Carolyn Calenda


Baker Charbonnet

Window: Night and Day

Daniella Uvaldo

Egg and Drapery

Eliza Hildenbrand


Raphael Cai


Emily Olivan


Pamela Passero

Bones and Feathers

Delaney Moody

Sunset in Miami

Jack Crowley

Ten Thirty Five

Annissa Tan

Thinking of George Floyd

Ella Cummings

The Optimist

Molly O'Neill

Low Tide

Francesca Kim


Kara Mitchell


Samara Cohen

Walls of Liberty and Limitation

Gwendolyn Toll


Sophie Fridland


Caelah Kennedy

Visions of Ascension

Gypsy Brownell-Medina

You Are, I Am

Poppy Livingstone

Snow Dance

Naima Spruill

Identity Crisis

Meredith Ford

It’s All About Perception

Logan Goodman

Boca Pelícano

Ana DeMakes


Daphne Hartch


Caroline Adams


Miles Kennedy

Garden View

Alan Fiore

Keeping Things in Perspective

Isabelle Brett


Richard Verbanic

Alone Together

Radhika Sharma

Raspberry Rain

Charlotte Pfenning

Stalker of the Night

Shivali Kanthan

Joy Despite

Hannah Beebe

Going Through Hell

Julia Cyr


Eugenia Diaz

Scared But Not Playing Dead

Madeleine Casey

Rainbow Bear

Zachary Berenbaum

Portrait of a Woman

Sasha Konigsberg


Molly McNulty

Bright Future

Moli Ma

Water + Fall

Alexander Colman

Fight for Justice

Laura Ross


Parker Conte


Abigail Nima

Looking Back

Maya Brezina

Exit 2020

Luis Rodriguez

In Time

Faith Ildefonso


Kristine Vasquez

Everlasting Bliss

Lecia Sun

Abandoned Repair Truck in Fog

Nick Ramsay

Cat and Fishbowl

Annie Jaswal

Unexpected Visitor

Josefine M. Reinhardsen


Molly O’Neill

Transience on an Introduction Sticker

M. Ryan


Aileen Li

Safe Haven

Tess McCormick

Remnants of Buttered Toast

Veronica Rubin

The Mountain Side

Priya Saxena

Inner Peace

Jake LaSala