This is the 9th annual high school art show created to highlight and encourage young artists in high schools to produce art, develop their practice as well as offer them the opportunity to exhibit in an art institution.
A group of high school volunteers with Teens at MoCA created the theme and title of this exhibition in relation to the Westport Public Art Collections show “Sixties MOD.”This exceptional show empowers students to dive into the world of iconic figures, transformative moments, and enduring symbols from the dynamic 1960s era, and share their interpretations through the powerful mediums of photography, painting, drawing, and sculpture.
Students were asked to explore what these icons meant to them and the viewpoints they represented in the tumultuous 1960s, expressing their interpretation through various mediums by answering this prompt:
“Who were the icons of the 1960s that left an indelible mark on society, and how did their perspectives shape that era? How have these icons influenced the course of history, culture, or personal journeys? What messages, emotions, or stories do these icons evoke for you? How can you translate these sentiments into your chosen artistic medium? What relevance do these icons hold in today’s world, and how do they continue to inspire or challenge us?”
Thank you to the participating schools representing Connecticut and New York: Academy of Information Technology and Engineering, Bethel High School, Fairfield Ludlowe High School, Greenwich High School, Hamden Hall Country Day School, Mamaroneck High School, Marianapolis Preparatory School, New Canaan High School, North Branford High School, Pelham Memorial High School, Pierrepont School, St. Lukes School, Staples High School, Greens Farm Academy, Suffield Academy, The Spire School, Weston High School and Wooster School.
Thank you to the talented high school artists who have submitted work for the “Through the Lens of Icons: Revisiting the Sixties” Exhibition! Please note the following times to pick up works:
Monday, March 4 from 10am-3pm
Tuesday, March 5 from 10am-3pm
Wednesday, March 6 from 10am-3pm
Thursday, March 7 from 10am-3pm
Friday, March 8 from 10am–3pm
Saturday, March 9 from 12pm-3pm (Final pick-up day)
MoCA will not be responsible for artwork left at the museum after the pickup dates.

Photo by Jenna Bascom, @nyceventphotograpy

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