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Teen Council

Our Mission Statement:

MoCA Westport invites all Fairfield County teenagers interested in the arts to join its Teen Council. The Teen Council connects MoCA Westport to the local teenage community through events, exhibitions, performances, and educational programming. Teen Council members will develop meaningful relationships with prominent artists and community leaders as they explore their personal creativity. In addition to behind-the-scenes access to MoCA Westport, Teen Council members are given free membership to MoCA Westport.  @mocawestportteens

    Congratulations to our 2020-2021 Teen Council: 

    Hannah Beebe, Violet Cooper, Emma Dantas, Serafina Delgass, Nina Driscoll, Sophie Fridland, Madeline Grutzner, Lucy Hill, Diana Hoffman, Abby Kalman, Bridget Looby, Patrick Looby, Zac Mathias, Addison Moore, Tessa Moore, Ivana Nique, Molly O’Neill, Kair Ross, Noah Ross, Zoe Schwartz, Shayna Wilson-Spiro, Lulu Wu, Beatrice Zorub 

    Check out a Paint by Numbers Kit of Santorini Sky, created as a collaboration between MoCA Westport’s Teen Council and Art by Nina Lily. The kit is designed for all ages, allowing for anyone to unleash their inner artist. One kit will be donated to a family in need with every purchase. Buy online or in-person at MoCA Westport for $25; all orders must be picked up at the Museum. 

    The kit includes a numbered painting template printed on professional mixed media paper, one small flat brush, one round detail brush, eight premixed paints.  

    Registration for our Fall Course Catalog is ongoing. Check out the classes for babies, kids, teens and adults.