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Teen Council

Our Mission Statement:

We invite all Fairfield County teenagers interested in the arts to join the Westport Museum of Contemporary Art Teen Council! The Teen Council connects the local teenage community to art by organizing creative projects such as events and exhibitions. As a part of the council, you will have a valuable creative outlet, be able to connect with other artistically minded peers and help to give other local teens opportunities to express themselves, furthering participation in and interaction with the arts. As an added bonus, Teen Council members are given free membership to MoCA Westport. 

NEW! We are soliciting new members for the 2021-2022 Council.  Meetings will be Sundays at 6 PM at MoCA. Please apply at the link below.  @mocawestportteens

ALL TEENS WELCOME! The Teen Council at MoCA organization welcomes all teens to join them at a free Spring Arts Festival at MoCA on May 22 from 4 – 7 PM.

Enjoy a food truck, live music by teen bands, and check out local teen-run art businesses.


2021-2022 Teen Council:

Nina Driscoll, President; Tessa Moore, Vice President; Abby Kalman, PR Manager; Addison Moore, Secretary; Ava Waldman; Logan Goodman; Sophie Fridland; Dylan Halky; Mia Vindiola; Lily Hultgren; Deniz Nalbantoglu; Serra Nalbantoglu; Caroline Begg; Sean McGee; Ezra Learsy-Cahill; Griffin Ellis; William Fern