The adult art programming at MoCA Westport is robust, offering a doorway into exploration and the creative process. With a diverse offering of specialized courses like Expressive Abstracts and Storytelling Through The Figure, individuals of varying skill levels can fully immerse themselves in artmaking. This program not only fosters the freedom of creative exploration but also empowers participants to cultivate and refine their unique artistic voices.

MoCA Westport’s youth programming presents rich opportunities for budding young artists. Our core mission is to make the arts accessible to learners of all ages and actively contribute to nurturing their creativity and honing their artistic talents. Catering to a wide spectrum of age groups, from infants to high school students, our youth programs are designed to accommodate all. With a diverse array of courses like Toddler Tuesdays, Intro to Studio Art, Expressive Abstracts, and Paint Night for Teens, we ensure that there’s an enriching artistic experience for all.

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