Two community-focused arts organizations, MoCA Westport and Westport Arts Advisory Committee (WAAC), are excited to announce a new collaboration that will commence with an exhibition at MoCA featuring selected works from Westport Public Art Collections (WestPAC). The exhibition will be co-curated by Westport Town Curator Kathie Bennewitz and Liz Leggett, MoCA Westport’s Director of Exhibitions. The exhibition will be on view at MoCA Westport in the Winter of 2021/22.  

WAAC’s mission is to bring attention to Westport’s artistic treasures, of which WestPAC is the most significant. “WestPAC has a foundation that dates back to 1910, with more than 1500 artworks displayed in schools and municipal buildings to create rich learning and visually stimulating environments,” stated Bennewitz. “A partnership with MoCA Westport, with their expansive gallery space, is an ideal venue for ongoing thematic exhibitions from our collection,” she added. 

“We strive to present thought-provoking and relevant arts experiences, and we look forward to sharing WestPAC works that are often displayed in settings that may be inaccessible to the public. We hope that through this collaboration, we can create a dialogue, reframe perspectives and build community,” stated Ruth Mannes, MoCA Westport’s Executive Director. 
1) From collection by Larry SIlver of Yangzhou, China, 1997-2000
2) By Christa Forrest, Don’t Judge Me, 2020.
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