MoCA SOME NOISE | October 20, 2022


Marlou Newkirk         …Poetry

Come to Tea

Vacation and Vacuum Cleaner

My Name is Marlou


Vivian Shamie         …Poetry

One for Me


J Roots (Julie Rizzi)         …Poetry

10 Responses to the Phrase “She Asked for It”


Liyana (Liyana Asaria-Issa)         …Poetry

Our Memory Bank


Zenpusher (Hoover Gallo)  



Jani B (Janice Beeghly)         …Poetry

March Snowfall


Scottiekoto (Michael Keitt) 



Dimitri Santamaria           …Music



Emerson Gilmore         …Poetry

Dear Bob,

Coyotes, 2


Frankie Gray                     …Music




Mary Keating                     …Poetry

Last Summer’s Night

The Ultimate Investment

Indecent Proposal

A Haiku


Josh Springer                             …Music

The Sky Breaks

Searching for The Daughter of A Devil (Truth and Love)


Julie Foldesi                     …Music

An Original Song


Anna Novakov     …Creative Writing

The Beautiful One


Ayvakhan (Ayva Loglisci)      … Music
Hurt by Christina Aguilera


Jessica McEntee         …Poetry

Interspecies Communication

Jackie O. Suffers Two Husbands Before Claiming Someone Else’s




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