The Figgs - 10/8/21

Alturas Duo Music Workshop

The Alturas Duo will lead a FREE interactive educational workshop for students on March 25 at 5pm. Through the workshop, students will learn to incorporate other art mediums to deepen their understanding and create work inspired by South American folk art.

Their workshop will include short musical examples from their repertoire, and an introduction to the various instruments they play including the viola, guitar, charangos and Venezuelan cuatro. Fortunately, when their good friend Gonzalo Cortes joins, those instruments expand to include the quena (Andean flute) zampona (pan flutes) and classical flute! The workshop will explain how African, European and Native cultures came together to create South American folk music as we know it today, and how natural elements affect everything from the materials used to make instruments (armadillos, bamboo, and goat toenails to name a few!) to how musicians use their surroundings to influence their songwriting and rhythms.

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