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Meet Anne Greenberg, our Director of Education

As a mother of two teenage girls, former classroom teacher, and elementary school assistant principal in New York City, Anne Greenberg brings extensive knowledge and experience to support students and teaching staff at MoCA in her role as Director of Education.

Under Greenberg’s leadership, MoCA Westport has launched a POD Learning Support Program to provide supplemental educational support to students (grades 1-5) participating in the current distance and hybrid learning structure adopted by the Westport. Students enrolled PODS will be offered academic support, homework assistance, academic remediation/ supplementation; along with a hands – on art education utilizing our current exhibitions and MoCA’s vast art resources. Enrollment is ongoing so don’t hesitate to apply below!

If you would like to have your child placed in our POD Learning Support Program, please apply below:

Why choose the POD Learning Program at MoCA Westport?

MoCA Westport offers your child a safe and creative environment to learn. Our classrooms are equipped with state of the art technology, plenty of space, and appropriate for all ages. We are committed to supporting your children with their individual academic needs while fostering in them an appreciation and understanding of the arts. We are uniquely poised to offer children exposure to our ever changing exhibits in a manner that enhances their understanding of art and culture while bolstering their connection to all academic arenas. MoCA Westport is dedicated to following all health and safety measures in accordance with the state of Connecticut. MoCA Westport provides hospital grade-level air filtration/circulation systems, hand sanitizing stations, and is disinfected regularly to meet and exceed state regulatory standards. We also have a well-manicured outdoor space for your children to run, play and enjoy (weather permitting.)

As an active contemporary art museum, students will have the opportunity to directly explore and engage with our timely exhibitions. MoCA’s art educators goals for your child rise above basic arts & crafts. The arts-focused portion of the curriculum will include projects centered around exhibition themes. Our Fall 2020 exhibition, entitled World Peace, delves into an array of age appropriate topics, providing a depth of opportunities for students to expand their creativity and their critical thinking skills.

Who is eligible to participate?

The program is open to all elementary school age children ages 6 to 11. Students will be grouped into a consistent “pod” for the duration of the sessions with other students from their grade throughout the district. Parents may form a pod and register as a group of 6 students (max), however we encourage you to apply even if you don’t have a complete pod as we will try to fill out our learning pods from all of our applicants.

*Scholarship opportunities are available for those with demonstrated financial need. Please contact Executive Director Ruth Mannes ( for more information.

Who are the teachers?

Our Core Curriculum teachers are accredited and established teachers with experience in traditional classroom settings. Our Arts-Education teachers are established art instructors who have been hand-picked for the program to ensure a depth and range of projects that create dialogue, build creativity, and foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for the arts.

What happens in a MoCA POD?

Each weekday beginning on September 8th, we will welcome our AM pods and our PM pods. No two MoCA pods are alike and we will tailor our approach to the individual needs of each student in the pod, and adapt to the pod as a team of learners. The academic work done in each pod will be influenced by the curriculum being taught in their elementary school classrooms. Students will have the opportunity to be supported while working independently on homework assignments, assessed for mastery and completion of homework, and participate in supplemental activities that link the classroom curriculum to the arts utilizing a range of activities including: art analysis and interpretation, drawing, painting, poetry, and of course, utilizing our extraordinary exhibits to weave math, science, and social studies into the day.

During one-on-one tutoring time, students will have the opportunity to work with our teachers for specific enrichment, practice, and/or remediation. Our pod teachers will also offer observations, recommendations, and provide communication with parents and classroom teachers (with permission from parents). We believe that your child will be best supported when everyone involved in their successes and challenges are able to network with each other.

What precautions do we take for health and safety?

Face masks are required for all visitors older than age 2, and for all staff members. Social distancing in all areas of the Museum is required and will be enforced. Temperatures of all students and staff will be taken prior to entering the building.


  • Students attending the morning pods or afternoon pods are responsible for obtaining their own transportation to and from MoCA.
  • If you are sending someone other than a parent or legal guardian to pick up your child, please make sure you have given them clearance to do so in writing on our intake forms. We will not release a student to anyone that is not approved to do so.

What does my child need to bring/wear?

  • Please have your child wear comfortable, seasonally appropriate clothing.
  • We will have breaks where students will be encouraged to run and play outside, so sneakers are always favorable.
  • For art projects, we would like your child to have a smock or large shirt to use to protect their clothing from paint and staining.
  • Please have your child bring in their Chromebooks and chargers from school along with their backpacks and supplies so that we can support them with any online learning or assignments that are to be submitted digitally. Also please let us know of their allotted ‘special time’ or if you have opted them out of specials.
  • We discourage the use of cell phones during pod time, however, if your child has a cell phone for emergency purposes, please remind them it must be left in their backpack on silent. If you need to contact your child you may call MoCA Westport and we will connect you.
  • Always have your child come with a mask that is comfortable for them to wear for the duration of the session.
  • We will have your child have a snack in the pod. 
    **Please do not bring food items that contain nuts.
  • If your child has any allergies or asthma please send them in with their inhaler and/or Epi pen in case of emergency.
  • Please have all of your child’s possessions labeled with their first and last name to avoid confusion and so we can return items left behind.

What is the duration of the pod?

For the most part, we will be following the Westport School District Calendar. Students will be asked to commit to the entirety of a quarter. Before the quarter commences, enrolled students will be given the opportunity to pre-register for a subsequent quarter if they wish to continue with their pod. Enrollment is ongoing so we encourage you to apply regardless of timing within the quarter.

Please note: There will be no classes on Election Day (11/3), Thanksgiving week (11/23 – 11/27), Winter Break (12/21 – 1/3/21), and Martin Luther King Jr. Day (1/18/21). 

What is the cost per child?

  • $300/child for 2 days per week
  • $400/child for 3 days per week

What happens on school holidays?

We will be generally following the Westport Public District School Calendar with some additional days off.

What If my child becomes sick?

If your child shows signs of illness please keep them home. If your child presents with a fever upon arrival we will ask you to bring them home. While in the program, if your child becomes ill, the parent or the emergency contact on file will be called to pick him/her up, within a one (1) hour period. As we serve many working parents, it is essential to your child’s well-being that a pick-up plan be in place. Please make sure to notify us if your home, work, or emergency contacts on file change. For the protection of all children, we will only serve well children. You must immediately notify MoCA Westport if your child contracts COVID-19 or any other communicable disease or illness, so that other parents may be given notice.

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