The Academy

It's more than just a class

  • Studios and grounds designed to be experiential and immersive
  • Projects inspired by current exhibitions
  • MoMA trained instructors
  •  Programs developed to embrace Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence’s RULER method

There are plenty of places to go to learn how to paint. Or draw. Or play.

But @MoCA Westport we wanted to offer something more.
So we built The Academy.

All created to offer people of all ages and talents an opportunity to not only develop new skills, but discover and enjoy the Arts in much more meaningful ways.

The Academy is the only arts education experience in the Westport area that combines exhibit-inspired activities in a semi-private class setting. So each student truly gets an immersion into the world of Contemporary Arts through a variety of media.

Course Offerings @The Academy

Contact us at 203-222-7070 or with questions or for more information.

Winter schedule runs 12.2.19 - 2.7.20

Registration is open

Winter II 2020
Winter I 2020

Paper Mache

Students will learn new sculpting techniques to create their own unique paper mache sculptures. Stretch the limits of your imagination, and bring your 2-D ideas into 3-D reality!

Mondays, 4PM - 5PM
Classes begin on February 24 and end on March 9.

Cardboard Masks

Transform cardboard into fantastical masks! Students will construct a headpiece on which they will build a mask of their own design.

Mondays, 5PM- 6PM
Classes begin on February 24 and end on March 9.

Melted Crayon Masterpieces

Use heat to create “drip-paintings” out of crayola crayons. A great introduction to encaustic art for young children.

Tuesdays, 4PM – 5PM
Classes begin on February 25 and end on March 10.

Wireframe Sculpture

Manipulate wire into freestanding sculptures! Students will practice their dexterity with wire tools by twisting, curling, bending and clipping wire.

Tuesdays, 5PM – 6PM
Classes begin on February 25 and end on March 10.

Costumed Figure Drawing

A great introduction to life drawing, this course is designed for younger students interested in rendering the human figure. Models will be clothed and pose for varying times; from quick, athletic gestures to longer poses.

Wednesdays, 4PM - 5PM
Classes begin on February 26 and end on March 11.

Box Assemblage Art

In this course, students will create their own assemblage art by building frames, assembling found materials, and finalizing the project by fronting the box with glass.

Wednesdays, 5PM - 6PM
Classes begin on February 26 and end on March 11.

Toddler Touchpoints

Toddler-and-parent art explorations in a new medium each week! Let your toddlers thrive through our engaging and entertaining toddler tinker time!

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10:30AM - 11:30AM
Classes begin on February 25 and end on March 12.

School Vacation Day Camps

February Break 2020

Unleash Your Inventor: Regenerate, Renew, and Reinvent

February Break is for stretching your legs, and your creative brains too! Students will learn how to look at their work differently, to change a work from 1 dimension into 3, to alter the shape and appearance of their work, and to make their 3D art structures sturdy. 

Parent/Teacher Conference Days

Crash Course in Resin Casting

Learn how to cast resin molds, including jewelry, cups, and action figures in this 3 day after-school workshop! Students are encouraged to bring in small items or images to include in their models and molds. 

K- 8th grade.

Summer 2020 Day Camp

The Academy at MoCA Westport presents a series of art camps that will expose students to a wide variety of mediums, concepts, and styles. Our courses are designed to both educate and spark creativity. Appropriate for grades 1-8; Classroom instruction will be further divided by age on a semi-private basis.

Cloth & Pattern: Indigo Dye

A 2-day camp in which students will learn the indigo dyeing process and dye their own fabrics from home. Dye materials and tools will be provided in class.
  • Registration coming soon

Art Around The World: Alejibres

Originally created by a Mexican paper mache artist in the 1930’s, Alejibres are fantastical creatures that often embody the features of many different animals. Over the course of 2 days, students will build their own paper mache sculptures and then paint their alejibre creations using bright, fantastical colors.

  • Registration coming soon
Beyond weekly classes and special event workshops in our studio, we partner with area schools at all grade levels to provide customize experiences @MoCA Westport or in-school. To discuss the possibilities, contact

Can be scheduled on Tuesdays throughout the year with Kate Jackson:

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