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Cloth & Pattern: Indigo Dye

A week-long camp in which students will learn the indigo dyeing process and tie dye their own fabrics from home. Dye materials and tools will be provided in class.

Art Around The World: Alejibres

Art Around The World: Alejibre …

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Mother’s Day Garden Rose Floral Design With Master Gardener, Trish O’Sullivan

Create a Mother’s Day Garden Rose Floral Design With Master Gardener, Trish O’Sullivan, director of the prestigious New York Botanical Garden and one of New York City’s foremost names in floral design for the past 30 years.

Resin Casting Camp

Learn how to cast resin molds, including jewelry, cups, and action figures in this 3-day after-school workshop! Students are encouraged to bring in small items or images to include in their models and molds.

Toddler Touchpoints

Toddler-and-parent art explorations in a new medium each week! These classes allow your child to engage in entertaining, expressive art activities with hands-on art projects, singing, story time, clay, and more!

Costumed Figure Drawing

A great introduction to life drawing, this course is designed for younger students interested in rendering the human figure. Models will be clothed and pose for varying times; from quick, athletic gestures to longer poses.

Box Assemblage Art

In this course, students will create their own assemblage art by building frames, assembling found materials, and finalizing the project by fronting the box with glass.

Wireframe Sculpture

Manipulate wire into freestanding sculptures! Students will practice their dexterity with wire tools by twisting, curling, bending and clipping wire.

Melted Crayon Masterpiece

Use heat to create “drip-paintings” out of Crayola crayons. A great introduction to encaustic art for young children.

Cardboard Masks

Transform cardboard into fantastical masks! Students will construct a headpiece on which they will build a mask of their own design.

Paper Mache Sculpture

Students will learn new sculpting techniques to create their own unique paper mache sculptures. Stretch the limits of your imagination, and bring your 2-D ideas into 3-D reality!

Unleash Your Inventor: Regenerate, Renew, and Reinvent

Students will learn how to look at their work differently, to change a work from 1 dimension into 3, to alter the shape and appearance of their work, and to make their 3D art structures sturdy.

RULER: Art and Meditation

Vision boards, Mandalas, and creative exploration are the name of the game in this class. Students can expect to develop their ability to balance personal emotions through the practice of art and introspective study.

Design Your Own Room!

Have you ever wanted to create an Interior Design for your own bedroom or a room in your home? Learn how to measure an existing space, draw a furniture plan, create renderings, select furniture/finishes, and finally create a design concept board to express your idea to others.

Painting 2: Watercolor Exploration

Perfect for the student who has discovered their interest in watercolor arts, this class will expand on basic techniques in adding accents and gouache that will make your work pop. Special emphasis will be given to landscapes and cityscapes.

Painting 2: Acrylic Exploration

This class will focus on the specific benefits and characteristics of acrylic paint in application. Special emphasis will be given to both still life and animal portraiture. Students can expect to finish this class with a fully realized work of portfolio-worthy canvased art.

Hands, Feet, and Anatomy Challenges

In an intensive study of hands, feet, and up-close anatomical structure, our teaching artist will instruct students in the ins and outs of shadow, structure, and styling of these hard to capture human anatomy spots.

Fashion Illustration and Sneaker Design

Learn about today’s most influential contemporary designers, and begin your fashion career with a design notebook and style lessons. Students will have the ability to focus on their favorite areas of fashion design, and build a starting portfolio.

Junior Illustration: Animals and Dreamscapes

Get a crash course in Dreamscape Arts and Surrealism, and design your own fantastical world and animals. Students will practice the art of dreamworld design and explore the meaning of various basic imagery in artwork.

Introduction to Looms and Tapestries

This Looms and Tapestries class will introduce students to the meditative process-based art of weaving and loomwork.

Second Level Polymer Clay: Mixing Mediums

Take your polymer clay creations to the next level in this mixed media class! Students will learn how to build armature and skeletons, and accent pieces with alternative materials appropriately.

Constructivist Toy Take Apart

Discover what makes your toys move, make noise, and light up by taking them apart! Use tools such as glue guns, screwdrivers, scissors, and more to explore their inner circuiting. Take apart more than one to hack them together and make something brand new!

Arts Away from Home

Arts immersion and gallery introspection for homeschool students.

Through the Digital Lens

Exploring new tips and tricks in the world of iPhone photography.

Sculpture through the Senses

Touch, see, feel and smell the differences in sculpture media – explore how your senses affect your creations.

Plunge into Printmaking

Explore uncharted waters in innovative gelatin and monoprinting techniques.

Exploring Pigments

Students will be introduced to watercolor, acrylic, and oil, and learn the primary techniques in each medium.

Let the Sketching begin!

Wield any pencil with confidence and sophisticated technique with this crash course in step-by-step illustration skills.

Visual Storytelling

erfect your pencil illustration techniques in monochrome and technicolor, and learn to make your images POP!

Art Socials

Break out your supplies, sip on wine, enjoy classical music and the company of friends in a semi-private working studio experience for your independent projects.

Dynamic Clay: Polymer Clay Action Figures & Animals

Carve, create, and mold captivating characters and develop your artistic approach.

Amazing Architechtonics

Design and construct a personalized building or home under the guidance of a LEED-certified architect.

Family Art Immersions: Live Art Creation

Create with your team! A dynamic surprise project done in partnership with the Yale School of Neuroscience and Emotional Intelligence’s RULER program.